As a member of DTA, you will be asked to vote on a number of different issues. Each year you will have the opportunity to vote for the members of the executive board. Other voting opportunities may include the ratification of new DTA by-laws or a proposed measure or action.

All votes are cast electronically, using a secure and personalized online system. You will receive a unique log in and password to vote via email.

Other voting guidelines according to DTA by-laws state:

1. Every member shall be assured of voting by secret ballot. 

2. There shall be at least a fifteen (15) day period between notice of election and the actual voting.

3. Provisions shall be made for every member to vote, and it shall be the responsibility of the member to notify her/his Representative if they did not receive an electronic ballot.

4. There shall be an all member vote. 

5. A chapter shall provide means for all members to vote electronically. Upon request or in case of contingencies, paper ballots will be furnished to members. If a member requests a paper ballot, they must do so 5 days prior to the election.

6. DTA will endeavor to use electronic voting software or technology that is secure and ensures privacy and accuracy of votes in accordance with CTA policies. 

7. All elections shall be decided by a majority vote, unless otherwise specified. In the event no candidate receives a majority vote, a run-off election shall be held between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes.