Become a Member

The California Teachers Association, or CTA for short, gives educators the power to make real improvements for students, public education and our communities. We can compel change when we have a collective voice. We will be a stronger union with you in our ranks. Here are just a few reasons that union membership will benefit you:

  • Legal services and professional advice provided for:
    • Due process, leave rights, layoffs and California Commission on Teacher Credentialing cases
    • Certification and classification issues
    • Discrimination under federal/state laws based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc.
    • Discrimination based on union activity
  • The power of 325,000 colleagues will be with you and will protect against arbitrary or unfair treatment. As a CTA member, you’re not alone.
  • Helps secure our retirement so that we can retire with dignity.
  • Having a voice on legislative policy issues that impact student learning and working conditions in schools and colleges.
  • $1 million employment liability insurance coverage should you get sued
  • CTA Death & Dismemberment Insurance
  • NEA Complimentary Life Insurance
  • Disaster Relief Fund Grants
  • Exclusive Discounted CTA and NEA Member Benefits programs
    • Auto and home insurance
    • Voluntary life and disability insurance
    • Travel, restaurant, theme parks and purchasing discounts
    • CTA 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan and financial tools and resources
    • Financial services such as credit cards, credit unions, special mortgage and auto loan programs