How To Join DTA

Because DTA is a local chapter of our larger state organization, the California Teachers Association, enrolling you in DTA will automatically enroll you in CTA. DTA’s current Membership Chair can assist you with signing up. There are a number of ways to join our union, including:

Enrollment Form
Traditional paper form for Certificated, CCA or ESP. You may fill out a printed form, sign it, and send a scanned copy to DTA at

Fillable PDF
Fillable PDF of the current paper enrollment form for Certificated, CCA or ESP. You may fill out this form electronically and submit a copy to

CTA 360 Mobile App
Certificated and CCA Local leaders, who have face-to-face contact with members, may enroll them directly on the Leader’s Mobile App with the member’s electronic signature. If you wish to have your information updated this way, contact us at

Online form available from for certificated individuals to enroll with CTA. You may follow the guidelines below to enroll yourself:

  1. The online enrollment is for new certificated potential members and those that are currently members and moving from another local to your local.
  2. Enrollees will need to verify eligibility by confirming a few basic eligibility questions, complete the entire form, electronically sign and submit in order to complete the enrollment process – the process takes about 5 minutes or less. 
  3. New members will get a confirmation welcome email and temporary membership card the next day after enrolling.
  4. The link to Join CTA is