Representative Council

It is DTA’s goal to have every site and type of member in our union represented by site members who can advocate on behalf of their staff, support DTA with their unique perspectives, and communicate DTA activities to their staff. Site reps are volunteers who serve yearly terms beginning in August. Each school site should have at least one representative, although a site can have one rep for every 12 of its members. If you are interested in being a representative, see your current site rep or reach out to DTA leadership.

Site representatives for the 2021 – 2022 school year:

Birch Lane Elementary
Roxanne Deutsch
Brian Bennett

Cesar Chavez Elementary
Rosa Garcia-Ramirez
Kristie Dunbarr

Children’s Center
Stacey Oler

DaVinci Junior High School
Kendra Norton

DaVinci High School
Brittany Rosenberg
Gretchen Conners
Norma Ramirez

Davis Senior High
Camille Crane
Pernia Hassan
Jean-Paul Whittall
Michael Kanna

Davis Adult School
unrepresented currently

Davis School For Independent Study
Christine Easton
Matt Haines

Emerson Junior High
Carlette Hartsough
Greg Brucker
Snow Hernandez

Fairfield Elementary
Jonathan Defty

Harper Junior High
Jonathan Dunsworth
Heather Taylor
Seana Holland

Holmes Junior High
Ann Holte
Lisa Mowry
Kathleen Giorgi
Kerri Sattler
Ellen Shields

King High
Blair Howard

Korematsu Elementary
A. Leigh Scott
Sandra Cantu
Dorrie Sobotka

Montgomery Elementary
Rich Brickman
Sara Caulfield

North Davis Elementary
Elise Brewin

Patwin Elementary
Kris Weir
Ruthie Bowers
Ali Lerch

Pioneer Elementary
Sue Viguie
Laurel Fields

Willett Elementary
Rebecca Owings
Amy Teaford

Representative for site nurses
Abigail Serin