The purpose of the Davis Teachers Association Political Action Committee (DTAPAC), is to inform members of legislation, and the positions of elected officials and candidates that may affect the members’ classrooms, working conditions, rights and benefits. Members of the DTAPAC shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Representative Council. Recruitment of members from elementary and secondary sites will be on an as-needed basis. The current DTAPAC chair is Roxanne Deutsch, and treasurer is Blair Howard. If you are interested in supporting our Next Steps, please contact Roxanne Deutsch

PAC Chair: Roxanne Deutsch
PAC Treasurer: Blair Howard

Recent DTAPAC activity 2020:

DTA PAC, which advocates for a voice in the political decisions effecting educations in the DJUSD, would like to update members on our efforts this fall. After endorsement interviews, DTA PAC endorsed Lea Darrah, Vigdis Asmundson, and Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald for DJUSD school board and DTA’s own Kelly Wilkerson for Los Rios Community College Board. Kelly, Lea (running unopposed) and Vigdis were all elected to the positions which were sought. Cecilia finished within a couple hundred votes in the race to represent District 5, primarily South Davis, on the DJUSD school board.

We thank Cecilia for running during difficult times and doing the work to seek the endorsement of not only DTA but other unions and organizations. The COVID-19 pandemic made doing what we do well unavailable to us during this election: knocking on doors, talking with voters at the farmer’s market, and having a dialogue with the community as we did during the Measure G campaign. We wonder whether the narrow margin could have been made up through efforts such as these. We do look forward to working with Betsy Hyder as a school board member. She expressed a care for students and we’ll work to hold her accountable to doing what is best for all stakeholders in the DJUSD.

At the state level, Proposition 15, which would have changed property tax rules for commercial property to provide funding for schools and other public services, was not passed. While we are disappointed, it did represent a major effort at reforming the language of Proposition 13 which limited the funding available to schools. 

We are asking that members not currently contributing to the DTA PAC fund to donate a few dollars each month to support our efforts to advocate for YOU in elections such as the recent school board election and the Measure G campaign. The tremendous effort from membership for the Measure G campaign could not have been made real without dollars to support the work on the ground of members. We paid for political data that coordinated the door knocking, the fliers that were handed out and the mail send to tens of thousands of people in Davis. Click on the link in the left side bar to make your recurring contribution.

You can find the results of November’s school board elections here.