Your Digital Membership Card

Hopefully you received this email from CTA to allow you to access your membership info digitally, but we thought we’d post it here for future reference:

CTA is very excited to announce the release of the new CTA digital membership card!  

Have you ever misplaced your physical membership card, never received a card, or realized you left it at home when you really needed to access an educator discount?  No problem! Now you can always have your CTA membership card available, right from your cell phone! 

To add your CTA digital membership card to your mobile wallet, simply open this email from your cell phone and CLICK HERE.  

Your digital membership card works the same way as the physical card you received in this year’s August/September issue of the CTA Educator magazine.  Use either card to gain access to a variety of CTA Member-only benefits, discounts and programs to enhance your life and career.  Whether you are trying to save money on school supplies or looking for ways to protect yourself and family with insurance solutions or your financial future with retirement savings, we have you covered. For a complete list of discounts and resources, go to

If you have any difficulty downloading your CTA digital membership card, please contact CTA Membership at