Open Enrollment – Disability and Life Insurance

Open enrollment has begun
If you do not currently carry disability insurance through a private insurance group, DTA STRONGLY recommends that you sign up now during The Standard’s open enrollment campaign. This is a special enrollment period just for our members, and if 5% of our membership signs up, no one will be asked medical questions or be denied due to a pre-existing condition. 

Why do you need disability insurance?
When you must be absent from work for medical reasons, you will first have to exhaust all your accrued sick leave with the district. Without disability insurance, when your sick leave runs out but you must still be absent from work, you may only be able to receive unpaid time off or differential pay. Now more than ever, we should have contingency plans in place for our health and well-being. As teachers, we are not eligible for state disability, and so we must carry our own private policies. When you go on maternity/paternity leave, disability insurance acts as your paid family leave.

Why should you choose The Standard?

  • Standard covers members both on and off the job. Regardless if workers comp will or won’t pay  – they do  
  • Standard covers members without limitations –no special limitations for mental health, drug or alcohol related claims  
  • Standard limits the waiting periods prior to using the benefit. 10 consecutive RDA days following the policy effective date only. No long waits of 12-24 month prior to use for specific claim types
  • Standard policies run month to month, no annual contracts- members have the choice to drop at any time, hassle free. 
  • Standard guarantees the payout at the time of claim at whatever daily rate plus stipends!  No need to update incomes. 

How do you enroll?
Use the information below to find DTA’s enrollment website. Schedule a virtual meeting if you have questions you want answered by a Standard representative. During open enrollment, you may also apply for a life insurance policy or increase the amount on an existing policy. Email our consultant Suzanne Reilly with any further questions:

Enrollment DatesAugust 15 – October 31, 2020
Enrollment Website 
Virtual Group Meetings Schedule 
Your Benefits ConsultantSuzanne Reilly: 916.292.1595