Site Concern Form

Click the image to file a site concern using Google Forms

Sometimes things take place at your school site that are concerning to your staff members or that can present an actual interruption or issue for the learning environment of your students. These issues may or may not be a violation of your contract, but they should be addressed by your site administration in order to make students and teachers able to focus on the work of learning and teaching. When you notice an issue, you should let DTA know about it so we can advise and support you on the next steps.

Some examples of site concerns include:

  • rodents in or around your classroom
  • ventilation noise that is too loud for classroom instruction and work
  • lack of substitute coverage leading to teachers giving up their prep time to cover
  • inappropriate treatment and language used against teachers by parents in a meeting with site administration
  • vandalism is occurring on campus without proper communication to staff, leading members to feel unsafe
  • frequent requests for “rush” independent study packets to be prepared for students
  • site administration not enforcing school policies