President’s Update March 4

Dear Colleagues,

DTA members have voted to endorse the MOU. Thank you to all who voted, and thank you to each and every member of our negotiations team for the work and dedication to making a safe return to in person learning possible. This is an extraordinary year for our schools- and our team has been working throughout the year, sacrificing their personal time, to address the pandemic’s impact on our schools.  It is no easy task, as metrics and directives from the state have gone through several changes as the year has progressed. Victor Lagunes, Elizabeth Allen, Lauren Kahn, Amanda Rayls, Sydney Lundy, and Frank Thomsen all deserve our thanks. We have one of the best MOUs in the region, and I do not know of any local or state chapter who was able to include vaccinations as a condition for reopening.

Also, there is another vaccination clinic this weekend.  If you would like a vaccination, and were unable to get one prior to this weekend, and have not informed us already, please send us an email and let us know.  

The district is planning on sending out a FAQ to district employees sometime next week, and will also be sending out a parent survey to get an idea how many students are returning so that they can  plan cohorts for hybrid. They will be making a presentation about campus re-openings at tonight’s schoolboard meeting.

We know that this is our third transition in a year, and that the movement into Hybrid presents many challenges and anxieties for teachers. We are trying to address some of these challenges before the move, but as with any changes, there will be some difficulties that we cannot predict. Please keep DTA leadership informed of any issues, particularly as they are emerging, so that we can address them.  

In Solidarity,
Dianna Huculak-Stommel