President’s Updates

 Thank you for your dedication and work on behalf of our students and community.  DTA values your input, so if you are seeing  new issues, please let your site rep know to bring your concerns to rep council. If you have an immediate issue, please email us directly.

I do have an ask for you. As you know Prop 15 (AKA Schools and Communities first) will be on the ballot this coming election. Prop 15 closes property tax loopholes that have allowed big businesses to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Passing prop 15 would mean an additional 12 billion a year in revenue for schools all over California. Specifically, our district could see an additional $4,651,000. This additional revenue for schools could help offset cuts because of losses from COVID or a recession.   Please pledge your support for our schools, programs and colleagues, and Prop 15 at have a goal of 80% of our members pledging their vote in the upcoming election. This kind of pledge allows our union to focus on other outreach, rather than calling teachers to ask for their support. So please take a minute to submit your form, it took me about sixty seconds.

Also, we have reached our campaign goal for disability insurance.  If you did not apply because you have a preexisting condition that has precluded you from getting disability insurance in the past, please know that it is now open enrollment and they cannot refuse you. Enrollment is open until October 31st. Just in case you have missed the link: 


Thank you for voting in our officer election.  Here are the election results:

Interim Executive Board Member:  Blair Howard
Secretary: Leeana Neely
Membership Chair:  Drew Barclay
Social Chair:   Shenandoah Kehoe
Treasurer:  Tim Mccormick

A special thank you to Frank Thomsen for all of his dedication and service to DTA.

In Solidarity,
Dianna Stommel
DTA President